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  • Children and Education
    Peggy Curtis
    The Children and Education Committee routinely participates in community events such as Summer Solstice and Towerfest, providing children an opportunity to learn about gardening. The committee also reaches out to schools in the City to develop activities that will inspire our youth to gain knowledge of their environment and instill community pride.
  • Civic Beautification
  • The Civic Committee is responsible for several areas around the city. As a member of the club, you may/will be contacted to weed, water, plant, cleanup or help prepare a new planting space. We attempt to get a group together for large jobs, but some of the smaller areas are often handled by 2 or 3 members. Work is assigned to fit individual schedules and abilities. Willing and dedicated members are the backbone of this committee.
  • Conservation/Horticulture
    Club Participation
    The committee shall bring to the club on a monthly basis any matters of conservation or horticulture pertinent to our area or the State in general. This could be an oral report, a written handout, a question and answer period or links to appropriate websites distributing newsletters, meeting notifications or other local or government publications as they relate to the club’s conservation pledge.
  • Historian/Custodian
    June Brasill
    The committee is responsible to gather and maintain a record of the club activities and events. Such materials shall be filed with the club’s permanent records.
  • Hospitality
    Lisa Landerholm
    The responsibilities of the Hospitality Committee and Hostesses include setting up of the meeting space, insuring that there is adequate seating and refreshments, provide kitchen clean up. Each club member serves on one hospitality committee each year.
  • Membership
  • Bill Clark
  • Members of the Membership Committee assist the chair with the following duties: Greet members prior to the start of the general meeting, keep and report attendance at the monthly meetings, assist with the distribution and collection of name tags, distribute new Yearbooks and membership cards, provide potential members with information regarding, “Who We Are,” discuss the meeting schedule, and furnish an application form (if requested) to be submitted to the membership chairman.
    Download Membership Application
  • Newsletter
  • Carla Azersky
  • The committee’s responsibility is to publish and distribute a monthly newsletter called “Gardeners’ News” prior to each general meeting. The newsletter is distributed once monthly except in July and August.
  • Nominations
  • It is the responsibility of the nominating committee to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the club. The committee’s task is to secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of candidates to the board for approval and to the membership for a vote.
  • Photographer
    Janet Trask
  • Programs
    Lorene DeSimone
    The committee is responsible for investigating, obtaining and scheduling interesting topics and speakers for the clubs eight monthly meetings. The committee chair arrives early to organize any needs for the speaker such as audio visual or sound equipment.
  • Publicity
    Cindy Myers
    It is the duty of the Media Committee to reach the general public with news articles on the club’s activities, such as programs, events and projects via the local newspaper and electronic media. Maintenance of the club’s website and Facebook account is also the responsibility of the Media Committee.
  • Remembrance
    Barbara Fox
    Duties of the chairman and committee members include staying abreast of information concerning the health, welfare, and happenings of club members. It is their responsibility to send cards when appropriate. It is every member’s responsibility to inform this committee of an event worthy of the club’s attention. Members with news must call or email the committee chairman. Appropriate cards go to all current members when there is a significant life event such as: hospitalization, day surgery, broken bone, or an affliction that keeps a member immobile for several days, death of a spouse, child, parent, in-law, or relative.
  • Scholarship
    Pat Emanuel
    An annual scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee focused upon the areas of Horticulture, Forestry, or Landscaping. The duties of this committee include the development and production of fundraising activities to support the fund, soliciting locally for scholarship candidates and completing the candidate selection process with the announcement of a winner.
    Learn More or download the Scholarship Application.
  • Ways /Means
  • Primary duty is the planning and execution of projects to raise money for the club. The committee chair offers suggestions to the Board for approval on projects, raffles, and fund raisers.
  • Yearbook
    Carol Beffert-Banks
    The committee members are responsible for the yearly edits, updates, and production of the Club’s Yearbook.